May 222011

Dear readers, I would like to welcome Tauseef Rab as a guest blogger. Tauseef has extensive experience in logic design and circuit design, having worked in companies like Freescale, SigmaTel, Marvell, and Qualcomm. While my post covered topics from several fields, I agree with Tauseef that most interviews are more targeted to a specific topic. On my request, Tauseef has agreed to share a list of questions he finds most relevant for logic design. Tauseef, I look forward to your contributions in the future as well.

I think you should split your post [Ten fun hardware design questions] into two very relevant, yet unique topics: circuit design (transistor level) and logic design.

Following are the Top 7 Logic Design review topics in my mind (I will share the circuit design review sheet later).

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