Jul 222011

I feel very excited writing this 51st post on Future Chips blog today. I started this blog 2 months ago knowing very little about how blogs work and I must admit that the results have far exceeded my expectations (thanks to all the readers). I just want to share some stats to (1) show how its been a very encouraging start, and (2) inspire other computer scientists in academia and industry to to share their thoughts on the net more freely. I will keep it very brief.

Some achievements

  • Featured at Slashdot
  • Featured twice on Hacker News
  • Featured by HPCWire, HPCInsider, Multicore Info, DavidZ’s Inactivity List, and a few other blogs
  • 700+ comments (including comments at social media sites)
  • 318 RSS subscribers (as of today)
  • Personal comments from field experts like John Gustafson and Neil Gunther

Overall stats of visitors


Looking forward to hit 50K visitors.



This just shows visitors overtime. The tallest spike is the slashdot effect and smaller spikes are Hacker News selections. The flat line at the end is because I have not been writing regularly since July has started.



(The above pictures are from getclicky.com)

Twitter Followers


This number has been going up steadily. Wish I could spend more time on twitter and interact with everyone more frequently.


Any thoughts? comments? remarks? and advice from other blog writers?

  2 Responses to “50 posts and …”

  1. I started following your blog because of the quizzes… I think it’s such a great way to give yourself a reality check.

    Read this research on learning-via-quizzes when you get a chance:


  2. Congrats & looking forward to the next 50 posts! RT @FutureChips New: : 50 posts and … http://www.futurechips.org/fun/50-posts-and.html

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